Order of the Beloved Disciple (CD)

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Audio CD
Assisi Records; December 1, 1998
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"Our Lady of the Universe" (Cover) painted by Jacqueline Ripstein

In his book, Emissary of Light, James F. Twyman wrote about an amazing adventure into the mountains of Bosnia where he met and learned from a secret society said to have existed for thousands of years. but who were these Emissaries and where did they come from? that question is answered in the book, The Secret of the Beloved Disciple.

"A community founded by the Apostle John has lived in seclusion for two thousand years. The time has finally come for its amazing secret to be revealed." Excerpt, The Secret of the Beloved Disciple

The music and art that made the story come alive was recorded in December, 1998, at the Presidio Chapel in San Francisco. This simple recording is reproduced exactly as it was heard that night. No recording effects have been added to the songs. Maria promised to imprint her energy into the music, just as she had already done with Jacqueline Ripstein's painting. "Our Lady of the Universe" (reproduced on the cover). The final song, "The Message," is the historic moment this promise was fulfilled.

Open your heart to Her message.

Songs included:

Our Lady of the Universe
The Hail Mary
Fr. Joso's Prayer
Ave Maria
The Message

James F. Twyman is an internationally renowned author and musician who travels the world performing "The Peace Concert" in some of the greatest areas of violence and discord. Known as the "Peace Troubadour," he has been invited by government officials and humanitarian organizations to perform in countries like Iraq, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Israel, East Timor and Mexico, as well as the United Nations in New York. He blends his unique style of music with his international reputation for drawing millions of people together in prayer to influence the process of peace in countries torn apart by hatred and war.