Ghandarva Experience (CD)

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Audio CD
Tom Kenyon Orb; January 1, 1994
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A powerful journey into the spiritual realms of being.

Part I of this unique program is a 30 minute talk on the history of the Ghandarva and traces its roots back to Vedic India.

Part Two is a compelling listening experience and includes:

Chant of the Archangels
Calling of the Sacred Names
Ghandarvic Choir
And, a beautiful rendition of the 23rd Psalm.

Tom Kenyon is amazing in using his almost 3-octave voice to invoke the angelic realm. Many experienced this powerful meditation at the Remembrance of the Heart, Solar Heart gathering on Jekyll Island, GA, in 1994.

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Tom Kenyon is a researcher, a therapist, a musician, sound healer and teacher. For over twenty years his research group, Acoustic Brain Research, has been a leader in the field of psycho-acoustics and the use of sound and music to access the creative abilities of the brain and mind. The ABR Library has both science and a proven track record behind it and is in use by therapists, clinicians and by laypersons all over the world.