Dolphin Radiance (CD)

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This CD is one of the original dolphin experience CD's. It was first introduced on AUDIO TAPE back in the early 90's. It's been refined and re-released a few times, each time improving the holographic audio content. Michael Hammer did the original synthesizer music and Bob re-mastered the music in the "Livingness Process" adding the dolphins and the holographic audio waveforms and the new mixing. CD format provided for long term stability. The audio is used worldwide by doctors, meditators, massage therapists and folks who just want to relax. The holographic audio waveforms within also seem to help people with communications. Many folks have reported using it 24/7 and when we had only tape versions of it actually wore off the coating from the tape, they played it so much. It is a great "background" audio that can be left on all the time. (it is a long playing CD)