Critter Clear (CD)

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For clearing out "undesirable energies." This CD contains Holoforms entitled Oxy-Detox, Viper Be Gone, Grey Be Gone, Biological 1 General, Archangel Michael's Protection, and Pidey Be Gone (Spider-like energy critters). Livingness ProcessThis CD is about 42 minutes long and contains audio tracks for Clearing and Balancing. These have been dimensionalized, and Holo-Formed and solely created by Bob Dratch on his computer. These are NOT easy listening and are used as desired. The purpose of the CD is to help energetically. One would play completely through for at least one pass. Then one would use each track as desired. Adjust the volume first, and then the equalizer (if at all ever so slightly) to tune the audio for personal preferences. It is important to adjust the volume and equalizer for individual issues and tuning. Generally, the LOWEST volume levels are the best - adjust from the lowest setting possible and then go upwards until the effect is noted