HeartMath Inner Balance

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Use with your Iphone or Ipad
Gain Improved Well-Being, Vitality, and Clarity of Thought

With the Inner Balance App and Sensor you can learn to achieve coherence – a synchronization between the heart, breath, and brain. Research shows that when we are in coherence, our physical systems function more efficiently, we experience greater emotional stability, and we gain increased mental clarity and improved cognitive function. Inner Balance uses HeartMath's patented technology to monitor the subtle beat-to-beat changes in your heart rhythms (HRV) and determines the level of coherence found in these rhythms.

HeartMath Inner Balance App and Sensor for IOS
Inner Balance with Lightning Sensor.
HeartMath HeartCloud online platform
HeartCloud, HeartMath's cloud based platform, gives you the ability to track universally.
How It Works

Run a session ― Plug the Inner Balance Sensor for iOS onto your iPhone and ear, press start, breathe along with the pacer and recall a moment when you felt a positive feeling.

Get real-time coaching ― See your Heart Rate Variability and coherence level as you are gently coached through a session.

Earn awards ― Receive fun, colorful awards for daily activity, coherence level building and life time achievement.

Track your progress ― Inner Balance keeps a history of all your sessions and tracks how you are progressing over time.

What You See

In addition to your choice of several breathing pacers, session screens plot the Coherence Over Time, Pulse, Heart Rate, HRV Rhythm, and the Power Spectrum. Once you end your session, you will see the Results screen. Your History is available using the Review tab.


HeartMath’s HeartCloud connects with all of the HeartMath HRV monitoring and coherence building technologies including emWave Pro, emWave2, and Inner Balance. Store your sessions from computer, emWave2, and IOS devices. Share results with others and achieve rewards for success. Online tutorials and videos are available under the Training Tab.

HeartMath Frustration versus Appreciation Graph.
Heart rhythm patterns change depending on our emotions.
The Science Behind HeartMath

Stress and other emotional states affect the autonomic nervous system, the hormonal and immune systems, the heart, and the brain differently. Based on our more than 20 years of research on heart rate variability (HRV) we have found that positive emotions create increased harmony and coherence in heart rhythms and improve balance in the nervous system.

HeartMath Has Developed a Process and Technology that Allows You to:
  • Be less reactive, think clearly, and make good decisions, especially under pressure.
  • Improve health, stamina, and well-being; maintain personal balance and avoid stress and burnout.
  • Maximize creativity and innovation.
  • Boost performance and overall intelligence.
  • Control heart rhythms to achieve the optimal performance zone (outside of the stress zone).
  • Transform the physiological response to stress and quickly re-balance mind, body, and emotions for greater intelligence, creativity, decision making ability, and communication skills