Inner Peace (CD)

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Inner Peace Music; August 6, 2002
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Take a deep breath . . . close your eyes, and let the music effortlessly transport you to a delightful place of tranquility, balance and joy. Almost immediately, you'll notice you are breathing more deeply, and re-connecting to that special place of peace that exists within each of us.

Play the music softly in the background, and enjoy it as "sonic incense" for yoga, massage, and relaxation. Listen deeply, and the sustained, resonant low tones and shimmering higher harmonics become a valued ally for meditation and journeying on the inner planes of consciousness.

Inner Peace is really two albums in one, depending on whether you play the music softly as background ambience or listen more attentively, especially with headphones. Deep listening delivers a more direct experience of the transformative and uplifting effects encoded within the music.
Take a deep breath . . . close your eyes . . . feel the low sounds resonating in your lower torso. Notice how the high frequencies, especially the shimmering harmonics, spiral up the keyboard of your spine and throughout your brain. You may already be breathing more slowly. (This is the most common characteristic of the ‘relaxation response’).

Some individuals will see images; many, like me, will not, but will become aware of a lightness of being. This has become known as “the Inner
Peace effect.”

Inner Peace is one of my all-time favorite duets. Paul McCandless’s lyrical melody builds intensity as it soars over the subtle chord voicings. I feel
the music resonate and open up my heart chakra, and reminds me of Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings.”

Traveling Among The Stars features the incredibly, pure tones of my original Rhodes electric piano. The ostinato bass pattern sets up a powerful brainwave
entrainment; the ascending melody lifts the spirit. The combination transports you to your personal comfort zone.

Unknown Country was inspired by the syndicated radio program and website hosted by Whitley Strieber — even more so after I was his guest for an hour.
When he shared his profound experiences with this album with me — and with 20 millions listeners across the country — there was no longer any doubt
that that it’s not just the notes but what comes through that makes this recording so special

1) Inner Peace 4:49
2) Traveling Among The Stars 12:41
3) Angels of Peace 4:40
4) On Walden Pond 3:13
5) A Touch of Grace 3:50
6) Deep Peace 4:32
7) Heartnotes 5:22
8) Sanctuary of the Heart 7:25
9) Unknown Country 5:12
10) Time Being I 5:05
11) Time Being II 5:23

Steven Halpern is an award-winning composer, recording artist and producer whose healing music has helped millions worldwide to experience the blessings and benefits of deep relaxation and inner peace.

Based on his own spiritual and health-related experiences, Steven discovered secrets of combining ancient sound healing traditions with quantum biology and energy medicine to produce recordings that support relaxation, stress management, yoga, meditation, massage, sleep, accelerated learning and pure listening pleasure.