Environmental Harmonizer

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A Functional Art Form.


The Harmonizer was developed experimentally from three Light-Life™ Rings and an Acu-Vac Coil. Initially we sought to provide an art form, that would give relief from the electro-smog in the modern environment for those who are sensitive to that area of modern day pollution; it worked.

The extraordinary clairvoyants who joined in this early research easily defined the field radius at 100'- in all directions! With a 200' spherical "comfort zone" an Environmental Harmonizer seems to nicely reduce the electro-smog discomfort in even a large home. Subsequent verification by "High-tech" electronics, "Low-tech" dowsing and direct observation has confirmed the original clairvoyants description of the spherical field.

In the Spring of 1994 we discovered that by applying specific sound frequency patterns from a close by set of earphones or a common  portable cd player the spherical radius of the field could be expanded to a 15 mile radius and the indoor and outdoor air in that radius smelled distinctly of the natural ozone produced by a mountain meadow in the Spring - for hours and even days.


Here are some recommendationed uses for the Environmental Harmonizers:

  • Use to clean air pollution.

  • May be used to divert tornados (for hurricanes use an Agricultural Harmonizer or Storm Chaser).

  • We have found beneficial side effects, including the reduction of air pollution, and a significant drop in crime rates.

  • Body worker and healers use it in their healing sessions.

Born in Aberdeen, South Dakota in 1938, at the tail end of the Great Depression and the Great Drought, Slim Spurling grew up on the northern plains. He knows more about hard work and frontier ways than the average inventor. A deep connection to the natural world and a passion for truth have fueled all of his research.

Slim attended Colorado State University, majoring in Forestry, Botany, Biochemistry, Mycology, and technical writing. Prior to graduating he was offered a scholarship for a full master’s degree program, in return for which, he was expected to do research that would have led to the development of a mind control substance. Unable to reconcile the breach of ethics that came with this offer, he refused it, and refused to participate in the graduation exercises at Colorado State.

The next twenty years were spent as an artist-blacksmith. For five of them Slim ran the largest blacksmithing school in America. Blacksmithing, coupled with his research into Wilhelm Reich’s work on the nature of the life force, awakened his alchemical gifts and his abilities as an inventor. 

What he discovered about subtle energy taught Slim how to dowse for and relieve the effects of Geopathic Stress. By the 1990’s he became well known as an expert on this subject, and began teaching seminars and workshops all over the world.

Further exploration in realm of subtle energy brought him into contact with both the printed work and the legendary figures in this area. In 1991 Slim discovered a new principle of quantum physics, now known as the Light-Life™ Technology. The grass roots research association that formed to gather data and record the effects of this technology has expanded over the years. Field reports arrive on a daily basis, and all of them point to seemingly infinite applications.