White Whales of the North (CD)

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This great CD has been created by Bob Dratch—called “White Whales of the North” and consists of specially extracted sound recordings of the White Whale also called the Beluga. This whale has probably the most advanced sonic imagery skill of all the Cetaceans (whales and dolphins). We had traveled to the far north to make these records.

The CD contains communications calls, sonar-ing, playing, and even “voices” of the individual whales. We also conducted “interspecies communications” dialogues between ourselves and the whales. The whales can be heard to respond and give us some messages! You can use this CD as a way to virtually travel to the far North and BE with these amazing beings! No additional music is added to this CD—it is pure whale!

How to setup your audio system - For the best “imaging effect” (where the sonic images in the CD are presented in front, along side, above, behind and in back of you) place your monitor speakers about 15 to 18 feet apart and preferably 4 1/2 feet above the floor. These speakers can be placed at the corners of the listening room, pointed towards the center of the room. If you have a subwoofer speaker, place it on the floor, right between the two main Left and Right channel speakers, and about 1 foot away from the rear room wall on which the Main speakers are positioned. Now you are ready to adjust the speaker levels. Start the CD. Adjust tone and volume. Adjust the subwoofer for minimal distortion. When listening to the CD, just relax, and don’t try to force yourself to “hear” the words, or understand the meanings.