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408 pages
Earthstar Press; February 15, 2006
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"There is a higher Source behind this wisdom and it is in every person's best interest to get to know it . . . to pick up this book and read it, word by precious word."
-Ervin Laszlo, author of Science and the Akashic Field and The Chaos Point

In 400 pages of unprecedented Divine Revelations, Oneness gives us an astounding glimpse into the Divine Vision that explains what on earth really is going on in these extraordinary times. Here in these teachings are the answers we've prayed for and a vivid portrait of the fluid nature of the phenomenon we think of as "life."

Our lives and our world are in upheaval. And in Oneness, we are guided ---with timeless wisdom and unmistakable grace ---to understand why. Oneness, the Divinity we all share, has stepped forth in this monumental moment in human evolution, to spell out exactly how we've managed to create our own worst nightmares, as individuals and as nations, and how to shift those patterns.

This is a world where the rules are changing before our very eyes. The pillars of so-called scientific proof that supports much we have taught to believe in have begun to crumble in the wake of another kind of truth ---a profound sense of Divine connectedness we have begun to unearth from within the depths of each of us. In this groundbreaking material, we have been given the formula for thriving in the uncharted world at whose very edge humanity now stands.

Ultimately, Oneness addresses our timeless quest for enlightenment with teachings that reveal the mystery of our existence and put true spiritual transformation within the reach of everyone. In the process, we come to grasp the significance of the choice each of us has made to be present, in physical form, in these extraordinary times.

Rasha, author of the book, Oneness, began documenting the Divine guidance of Oneness, the Source we all share, in 1998. As a spiritual teacher with a profound message, Rasha is not affiliated with any established spiritual path or religion. Her teachings are universal and focus on the personal experience of the Divinity within.

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    Deep Reading

    Posted by James I. Moffett, Gastonia, NC on 14th Mar 2012

    Great book. This is not a book for a beginner who has just begun their spiritual quest, this read is more for those who have a deeper understanding of body, mind, and spirit and a great awareness/knowing of such. If you are weak in any one of these areas, but are aware, then this book may shore up those areas. The text goes beyond this and takes you through an understanding of reality and those processes which allow us to perceive reality, the choices which create it, and the accelerated shift towards a greater spiritual connectedness and our individual role or choice to ascend to this higher level of knowing. This book has a lot to digest and will require time to carefully read and think over. Sometimes a few pages of a chapter will be more than enough to ponder over before continuing on with the read while other chapters move more quickly. In either case, each chapter is rich with information and points to think about. The book is a great guide.

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    This book delivers what it says---Oneness

    Posted by Shakta Kaur Khalsa, Herndon, VA on 14th Mar 2012

    Ever since I bought this book a few months ago, it has become an authentic teacher to me. I love to read it early in the morning right after my meditation, and in fact I find no separation between reading this book and meditating. The words talk to me and describe exactly where I am at right now, and gives me insights into where I am headed--always toward Oneness. Afterward I feel as clear as the new morning that is dawning, and I know I've subtly transformed from old habits that no longer serve me into more of just being me, the authentic me. Much gratitude to the author and publisher for this great work. As an author and yoga teacher I will be recommending this book in all the courses that I teach around the world.

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    WOW! I'm Blown Away!

    Posted by Sonya Sargent, Melbourne, FL on 14th Mar 2012

    When I spotted this book at Barnes & Noble and took a glance through it out of curiosity, I didn't expect THAT to be a life changing moment! But it was. The book looked interesting, and having read the Seth books and the Hicks books as well as the Sanaya Romane books, I decided to order this on Amazon, though I thought it would be more information about the same as the other books (all of which are very good, by the way!). When I started reading this book, I was struck by the personal way in which it was written. It spoke directly to me, it described stages of my life I had been through and am going through. I almost expected to see my name inserted among the pages, it spoke so directly to me! But as I was reading this book, everything in life began to make sense to me. It was like I was standing above myself and looking down at my life with detachment and objectivity. I could start to see how all of life fits together. It's all energy. Something started to click for me. I had wondered how shamans claim that they go to underworlds and experience levels of reality the rest of us cannot fathom, and yet others are reiki Masters and move energy through them for healing purposes, and yet others still practice wicca and with ritual bring about the changes in their lives that they desire, etc. How could all these people be right about what they do? How could all these things exist at once and each of these methods work to bring about change? Well, it's because it's all movement of energy and desire. With driven intent anything can be brought about into manifestation. Ahhh ha! Now I get it! If you liked "The Secret", well then this is the next level. It's about more than the Law of Attraction. It's about changing the world by changing the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you react to situations as they pop up in your life. My highest recommendation to you is to read this book. It speaks with clarity and a deep rooted truth you can feel in your entire being as you read the words written. It will change the way you see your life and the world around you. It's simply the most amazing book I have ever had the honor to read.

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    Wisdom Seeking

    Posted by Raven Digitalis, Missoula, MT on 14th Mar 2012

    I do recommend this book. I had the chance to meet Rasha at a Metaphysical trade faire (INATS) in Denver last year. She is very sweet and glows with Knowledge. This was a great affirmation before reading this book. As with any (real) books of Channeling, many of the teachings are repeated in different words. The realm of Words is small so this is expected. This book gives hope and re-assurance of expanded spiritual perspective and Sight in ones' everyday life. This is a book that you can open to any page and get insight (or practice Bibliomancy, which is opening a page at random and reading, in order to gain the insight you need at the time. This works extremely well.) All-in-all, this is a very good book and I would recommend it to spiritual seekers. This is a book to have for life. For me, it is one which I read a chapter every week or so, reading a different book more frequently. Reading this straight thru can be an overload, and does not provide proper time to absorbing the knowledge within. If you like this type of book, you will also love Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marcinaek (i'm sure i spelled her last name wrong).. Brilliancy in text. Buy Oneness, show it to everybody you know, and keep it for life!