Love Never Dies: How To Reconnect and Make Peace With The Deceased - Autographed Copy

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248 pages
Hay House
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Famed relationship therapist, author, and media personality Dr. Jamie Turndorf-known worldwide as Dr. Love-shares the amazing true story of her spiritual reconnection with her beloved deceased husband, internationally renowned former Jesuit priest Emile Jean Pin. Discovering for herself that relationships don't end in death, Jamie recounts her remarkable experience where, through the depths of her grief after Jean's sudden passing, her husband made his continued presence-and undying love-known.

Drawing on these personal encounters, Jamie has created a groundbreaking new form of grief therapy that combines her acclaimed conflict-resolution techniques with after-death communication. The result: an unprecedented method that enables the bereaved to reconnect, resolve unfinished business, and make peace with the deceased.

Filled with dozens of examples of spirit contact and communication, this book eliminates any doubt about life after death and shows that contact is ongoing. Loved ones in spirit don't just linger briefly before going to "heaven" and disappearing from your life. Rather, heaven is a state, not a place, and your loved ones have eternity to support you and heal any issues left behind when they passed on.

Come to recognize the numerous signs from spirit that you may have been missing. Learn to trust yourself and the process that's right for you-not a shortened, artificial grief period prescribed by conventional doctors. Practice techniques for heightening your senses, expanding your awareness, and entering an open state, culminating in Jamie's method for Dialoguing with the Departed.

When connection and love live on, fear is banished and relationships can grow and heal as never before. Begin opening your mind and your heart today!

Dr. Jamie Turndorf is known to millions as Dr. Love, through her syndicated radio show, Ask Dr. Love and website web’s first and immensely popular relationship advice site since 1995. Dr. Jamie Turndorf also hosts Love Never Dies, the #1 show on the Hay House radio network based on her #1 International Bestselling book Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased. Love Never Dies has been translated into 34 languages and is being made into a feature film. Twitter: @askdrlove. Facebook: /askdrlove