The Little Apple Tree

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A Little Apple Tree and a Young Farmer experience the beauty, power, and positive impact of discovering and honoring their true nature. Artfully crafted by actress- singer-dancer Nia Peeples, & superbly illustrated, it is a powerful allegory that leads children & adults alike into a deeper understanding of self love, dignity, and authenticity. AND to keep the inspiration flowing, for every 2 books sold, 1 is donated to a Children's Hospital, a public library, or an organization helping to educate children and parents.

One	can	only	become	truly	aware	when	she	is	willing	to	detach	from	what	she	
thinks	she	knows.	Then	when	one	is	really	willing	to	look,	one	will	see.
FYI:	I’ve	written	my	own	BIO.	To	be	honest	it	felt	more	sincere	than	pretending	like	I	
hired	some	journalist	to	do	a	ton	of	research	and	come	up	with	a	non	biased	
presentation.	So	here	it	goes.
Nia	Peeples- What	others	have	said: is	an	American	actress,	singer,	dancer.	For	
more	than	30	years	Nia	has	graced	the	screen	with	her	talent	and	intelligence,	her	
fearlessness	and	compassion, and	her	beauty.	 (Why	thank	you)	Most	known	for	her	
roles	in	the	hit	TV	series	Fame,	Walker	Texas	Ranger	and	Pretty	Little	Liars	as	well	
as	her	jaunt	through	the	music	industry	with	her	number	1	record	Trouble	and	the	3	
music	shows	she	hosted	in	that	era,	Nia	is one	of	the	first	multi-racial performers	to	
cross	all	genres	and	all	platforms	helping	to	lay the	groundwork	for	bridging the	gap	
between	ethnic	performers and	leading	roles	in	Hollywood.
Now	what I	would	say is	that	the	only	significance	in any	of	it is	that	the	highlights	
of	my	career	and	personal	life	can	most	specifically	be	accredited	to	a	degree	of	
listening	to	one’s	own calling,	lining	up	with	that and	allowing	for	it’s	natural	
expansion.	This	is	imperative.
Recently,	with	my	son	well	on	his	music	path, my	daughter	heading off	to	college,	
and	my	marriage	ending,	I	knew	it	was	time	to	revisit	that	calling.	So	I	stepped off	
the	entertainment	“wheel	of	fortune,” and	went	on	walk	about	to	listen	to	my heart,	
for I	believe that	there	and	only	there	can one discover her	deepest	desires	born	of	
love	and	truth.	As	St. Germain	said,
"Right	desire	is	the	deepest	form	of	prayer."
I	believe this	is	so	because	contained	with	that	right	desire	is	everything	needed	for	
its	fulfillment.
This	profound	journey	took	me from	the	beaches	of	Suva	to	the	hills	of	Bosnia	and	
Israel.	It	lead	me to	mystics	and	scientists,	healers	and	churches.	Then	returned	me
right	back	home	where	all	the	answers	lie:	within.	For	although	our	deepest	desires	
are	intensely	personal,	unique	unto	each	individual	and incessantly	seeking	
expression,	they	get	buried	beneath	a	barrage	of	“half	to’s,” “shoulds,” and	standards	
set	by	people,	we	ourselves, don’t	even	know	or	have	absolutely	no	respect	for. It	
was	time	to	wake	up.
Now,	two	years	later, I	know	my deepest	desire	is	simply	to	flow	LOVE	by	living	it
out	loud,	experiencing	the	power	and	joy	of	standing	in	integrity	and	alignment	with	
it,	and	empowering others	to	do	the	same.
From	this	new	understanding,	a more	inspired and	truthful life	has	emerged.	I	have
written	a	children’s	book	called	The	Little	Apple	Tree .	I’m
currently living	between	Northern	and	Southern	California	as	I	pen	my	second	book
and film the role of Susan on	the	critically	acclaimed	series,	The	Fosters.	 And	I	
spend	a	lot	of	time	standing arm	in	arm	with	other	like	minded	people	who	are	
committed	to	thinking	outside	the	box	of	fear	and	separation,	to	stir	up	the	pot	of
“business	as	usual”	and	start	creating	from	the	realm	of	possibility	that	springs forth
from	being	rooted	in	fearless	love.	Pretty	simple.