Denise Linn Custom Drums US Shipping Only- Sold Out

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All drums are now sold. To get on the waiting list for the next batch of drums, send email to  

 The fixed shipping cost of $30.00 per drum only applies to drums shipped in the US.  

These are one-of-a-kind limited edition sacred drums.  Each has it's own personality and use, and has been blessed in a ceremony in Denise's Star Mountain Ranch. 

With this  collection Denise has included:

  • Custom Drum and Drum Stick
  • Booklet on care, use, history, and connection to your drum
  • And, a copy of her best-selling book, Secrets of Space Clearing

Each drum of these elk skin drums were blessed in a ceremony in the Circle of Life here at our home, Star Mountain Ranch, in Northern California. 


To see a picture of the drum, look at the gallery of pictures. Hover your cursor over the individual single drums to see the name