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Sounds True, Inc., March 1, 2007
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The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe

Welcome to the Zero Point Age

Is there such a thing as a life force—an energy field that connects all living things across space and time? Could the existence of this living energy field provide a scientific explanation for supernatural phenomena?

After interviewing cutting-edge scientists in many disciplines, investigative journalist Lynne McTaggart presents a compelling and stunning argument for this theory in her groundbreaking masterpiece, The Field. Now in this original audio adaptation read by the author, McTaggart takes you on a journey into the most exciting frontier of science, featuring:

  • Why the science of the Field is already revolutionizing healthcare, energy technology, and our understanding of spirit and consciousness
  • The Zero Point Field—evidence that an all-encompassing quantum energy field resonates with everything—including ourselves
  • Where science meets spirit—startling new findings about the most profound human mysteries, from spiritual healing to the collective unconscious
  • Evidence that "paranormal" human potential is present in each one of us
  • The power of individual and collective intention to create—and heal—ourselves and our world

With a challenging new vision of the future—and insights on how this science can immediately affect your own life—Lynne McTaggart takes you on a unique journey as she unveils the mysteries, discoveries, and wonder of The Field.


Lynne McTaggart is an investigative journalist and author, and a sought-after public speaker whose talks and workshops have transformed the lives of the thousands around the world who have heard her.  

She is also an accomplished broadcaster, who has appeared on many national tv and radio shows, including Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra shows. 

The hallmark of her work is exhaustive research that produces science-based discoveries in the worlds of science, spirituality and health.   

She edits the monthly health journal What Doctors Don't Tell You, and was also the editor of the 48-lesson partwork, Living The Field, perhaps the most definitive work yet to bridge the worlds of physics and spirituality in its 768 pages. 

She was born in the USA and now lives in London, UK, with her publisher husband, Bryan, and their two children, and pet dog Ollie.