Fountain of Youth Meditation (CD)

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Transformational Enterprises
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"Maureen - You've done it again! My husband and I just love this new CD! It is very different than your other CDs and yet, completely complements our Maureen St. Germain CD collection. Both of us feel that the Fountain of Youth CD is so powerful and just what we needed to give our physical, emotional, and spiritual health a boost. Working with the obsidian throughout the CD impacts us on a level that is obvious while we are in the moment but the results are even more impressive in the days following. We are committed to working with the Fountain of Youth CD over and over again. Thank you for bringing this new work to all spiritual seekers."
Teresa Goertz, Seattle, WA

This is a powerful CD based on Maureen's work with quantum physics, intention and crystals. During the meditation, you are guided to use black obsidian to clear and focus new codes into the body. Remarkable! Work with a partner and black obsidian for optimal results.

Maureen worked as a corporate leader most of her professional career. In 1994 she decided to learn her lessons through love instead of the usual way. Since then, everything changed. She brings 25 years of professional experience into her trainings and workshops. Formerly she was the president of several city-wide agencies. She was also president of an international society with over two thousand professional (doctor) members and has been a fund-raiser and lobbyist. For about eight years she continued her corporate path while building her workshop business on weekends.

Leading workshops and tours since 1994, Maureen St. Germain's focus is personal development and spiritual awakening. She has developed an impressive array of practical tools to assist individuals in applying quantum physics using Sacred Geometry. Maureen's workshops and seminars are in demand all over the world. She is insightful, compassionate, intuitive and funny. As a seeker she shares the knowledge she has gained by studying ancient truths over many years.