Shamanic Dream (CD)

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Open Sky Music; April 30, 2002
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Anugama uses the didgeridoo and a drum beat, along with the sounds of nature, and synchronization with certain brain wave patterns, to clear the emotions and help focus the mind and heart on these beautiful sounds. The music is peaceful and meditative. It surely heals one from the stresses and tensions of daily life ... they seem to melt away ... or at least are viewed from a different, more clear perspective and feeling when the music is played and for a long time afterwards.

Anugama was born in Cologne, Germany.  It became apparent early on that he had inherited his family's musical talents.  At age 8 he began playing the recorder flute.  A few years later he took up the guitar with great enthusiasm.  The flow of musical creativity continued in his teens through drums, a perfect milieu for the rock and soul music of the time. 

At age 19 he started playing drum set with a number of soul groups. Around this time he also worked in a music shop in Hamburg, Germany.  Surrounded by all kinds of musical instruments he was free to experiment.  Although he had no formal training, the music flowed through him with a natural ease. 

During this time many talented musicians visited and performed in Hamburg.  This provided a wonderful opportunity for exposure to music of many influences and impressions.  He traveled extensively in his twenties, and this expanded further the variety of instruments and musical styles available to him.  A strong interest in spiritual philosophies and meditation also developed, and this led him to Asia. The 5 years he spent there proved to be a time of profound transformation. 

Being inspired by so many different cultures, Anugama has become a skillful multi-instrumentalist.  He loves to create all kinds of music and his vast repertoire ranges from the zesty beats of African and Caribbean sounds, to the flowing rhythms of Hawaii and the meditative spirit of India and Japan.  He is fascinated by the way in which different frequencies create music and the way these frequencies can affect our whole being. 

To this end he has become well recognized for his achievements in healing music.  His intention, through all of his music, is to support a healing of the spirit and a greater universal harmony.