Biology of Belief (CD)

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Audio CD (3-CD set)
Sounds True, Inc.; November 1, 2006
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In the tradition of Carl Sagan, Rachel Carson, and Stephen Hawking, a new voice has emerged with the unique gift of translating cutting edge science into clear, accessible language?Dr. Bruce Lipton. With The Wisdom of Your Cells, this internationally recognized authority on cellular biology takes listeners on an in-depth exploration into the microscopic world, where new discoveries and research are revolutionizing the way we understand life, evolution, and consciousness. On this full-length audio course, Dr. Lipton shares his lucid and startling insights about the building blocks of life, and how each one of our cells has far greater innate intelligence than we once believed.

The New Biology: How Your Beliefs Shape Your Health and Your Destiny.

The next great advance in biology will change more than science textbooks?it will revolutionize the way you live your life. "In the past, we've been taught that living beings are like machines run by biochemicals and DNA," explains Dr. Bruce H. Lipton. "What we now know is that our entire biology is shaped by the intelligence of each of our fifty trillion cells. And the single most important way to influence them is through the energy of our beliefs." On The Biology of Belief?an original author adaptation of Dr. Lipton's revolutionary book?this world-renowned cellular biologist explores the mysteries of:

  1. The science of epigenetics: why biologists must look further than DNA to find out what shapes life and how that affects you.
  2. Bridging the gap between quantum mechanics and biology?the key to knowing how your cells "listen" to the energy of your thoughts.
  3. The chemistry of stress and love?how your body, mind, and immune system change with each emotional state.
  4. Turning the immense power of your subconscious mind into your most valuable tool for health and well-being, and much more.

Since the publication of The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton has been widely embraced as one of the most accessible and knowledgeable voices of "new biology." Now, join this pioneer of epigenetics as he takes you on a journey into the world under the microscope, through the ages of evolution, and into the miracle that is your own life.

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit and a leading voice in new biology. A cell biologist by training, he taught Cell Biology at the University of Wisconsin's School of Medicine, and later performed pioneering studies at Stanford University's School of Medicine. He has been a guest speaker on dozens of TV and radio shows, as well as keynote presenter for national conferences.