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Beyond the Flower of Life (Book)

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Beyond the Flower of Life is a new Advanced MerKaBa book by Maureen J. St. Germain. If you are looking to enhance the MerKaBa practice or are ready to take it to the next level, this book was written with you in mind. Already practicing the MerKaBa Meditation and want to make it more fulfilling? Maureen St. Germain will give you MerKaBa insights to enhance what you already have. If you are looking for more heart centered awareness and understanding to fulfill your mind's longing, these tools help satisfy your mind, so it willingly quiets. If Higher Self contact is what you are looking for, Maureen offers a practical, achievable roadmap to manifest a 100% accurate relationship with your Higher Self. By teaching the MerKaBa to over 10,000 students worldwide and developing an Advanced Flower of Life workshop to accompany this work, Maureen has developed tools, techniques and knowledge to support your MerKaBa practice.

Beyond the Flower of Life will bring you peace, contentment and mastery. Along with MerKaBa insights, Beyond the Flower of Life offers the new information regarding the opening of the heart, the Christ Consciousness Grid, how to achieve Fifth Dimensional Awareness and going beyond Fifth Dimension. Since there is no higher energy than Love, Maureen believes it should be easy and effortless to marry the ego to the Higher Self producing Heaven on Earth. With almost 15 years as a Flower of Life course instructor and the outstanding success of her CDs, workshops and Sacred Journeys, she has more than proven this to be true. This unique book consists of steps to developing an accurate understanding of the MerKaBa Meditation and its capabilities - while strengthening your heart connection and learning to program your MerKaBa.

Since 1995, Maureen has developed these revolutionary techniques that allow one to gain full reliable access to their Higher Self. With these tools, MerKaBa Meditators will be able to achieve and exceed their understanding of the world around them and keep their heart open all the time. You may conclude that Maureen's Beyond the Flower of Life is the long awaited follow-up to Drunvalo Melchizedek's books, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vols. I & II.

Maureen worked as a corporate leader most of her professional career. In 1994 she decided to learn her lessons through love instead of the usual way. Since then, everything changed. She brings 25 years of professional experience into her trainings and workshops. Formerly she was the president of several city-wide agencies. She was also president of an international society with over two thousand professional (doctor) members and has been a fund-raiser and lobbyist. For about eight years she continued her corporate path while building her workshop business on weekends.

Leading workshops and tours since 1994, Maureen St. Germain's focus is personal development and spiritual awakening. She has developed an impressive array of practical tools to assist individuals in applying quantum physics using Sacred Geometry. Maureen's workshops and seminars are in demand all over the world. She is insightful, compassionate, intuitive and funny. As a seeker she shares the knowledge she has gained by studying ancient truths over many years

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Paperback Oversized:
168 Pages
Phoenix Rising Publishing; October 26, 2009
.82 LBS

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