Cancer Handbook : What's Really Working (What Doctors Don't Tell You) (Book)

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181 pages
Vital Health Publishing; March 7, 2000
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"A voice in the silence."
The London Times

"A very big thorn in the side of the medical propaganda machine."
Dr. Keith Mumby, The Allergy Handbook

Nothing fills the heart with more dread than a diagnosis of cancer. Besides the worry about the poor chances of survival, there is also worry about the dangers of most of medicine's orthodox "cures". What most oncologists don't tell you is that no cancer incurable 25 years ago is curable today, or for the most common cancers that kill 90 percent of patients today, chemotherapy is no better than snake oil.

It's also difficult, if not impossible, to ferret out reliable information about genuine alternatives that work. In no area of medicine have alternative ideas been more stifled than with cancer, even though a number have been the subject of some properly designed laboratory and clinical research.

In this unique book, compiled by the editors of the bestselling newletter What Doctors Don't Tell You, you'll discover the real evidence of when chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery work -- and when they don't. You'll also find information about alternative treatments with solid scientific evidence.

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and author of The Field and The Intention Experiment. As co-director of Conatus Plc. she is founder and editor (with her husband, publisher Bryan Hubbard) of some of the leading health newsletters in the U.K. and U.S. ( Lynne is also the founder of "Living the Field," a master class that applies the ideas from The Field to everyday life. She regularly hosts international conferences on the science of spirituality ( As a result of her Field work, she has created a global laboratory to test the power of group intention (