Natural Rhythms (Book)

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272 Pages
Institute of Conscious Expression Company; 1st edition April 15, 2008
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Connect the Creational Dance of Your Life to the Pulse of the Universe Discover ways to release old emotional baggage, improve your relationships, focus your intention for creation, activate your ability to take action, and increase your ability to thrive. Deepen your alignment with the natural rhythmic cycles of the sun, moon, and stars. Move your life into greater levels of health and wellness, creativity and wholeness, and inner peace and balance. Open to the guiding insights of the natural world and begin dancing your life to profound levels of aliveness. Manifest your dreams, goals, and desires by aligning with one of your most powerful teachers, the force of nature.

Lisa Michaels, author, dancer, facilitator, and founder of the Natural Rhythms Institute, assists others in accessing their ability to learn from nature and to discover more about their essence expression. For the past twenty years she has shared her expertise through her products, teaching, workshops, and facilitator trainings. Lisa?s most current products include her new book Natural Rhythms, the Priestess Within, The Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle and Elemental Forces of Creation Audio Book. Her work has helped thousands of people find keys to moving their lives forward, thus enlivening their ability to co-create and unlock their natural growth potential