Shine (Songbook)

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Songbook (12 songs)
TayToones Music BMI; 2007
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“Shine” is Karen's 11th CD that features songs and chants with inspirational, life-affirming messages. While her “Songs of the Spirit” series has been mainly chants, this CD has a little bit of everything. There are some songs, chants and interesting musical styles. Basically, she wanted to write words that would encourage her, and anyone who listens, to allow our lights to shine, and go for our dreams. 

This songbook includes 12 inspirational, positive message songs and chants. There's a little bit of everything on this CD - Music that will make you want to dance, feel uplifted and want to sing a-long!

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  • What One Woman Can Be
  • Let It Shine
  • There's Enough
  • I Wish For You
  • I Am Here
  • In The Stillness
  • Feel It
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • Happy, Healthy and Wise
  • I Look Good
  • We Are The Ones
  • Three Little Words
Here is a brief description of each song in Karen's own words: 

What One Woman Can Be 
I work with some amazing speakers/authors. One of my favorite people to do women's retreats with is Rev Mary Manin Morrissey. Mary’s title for one of our retreats was so perfect I knew it had to be a song. It features some of my favorite themes: empowerment, courage, and going for your dreams. 

Let It Shine 
I have been a person ( up ‘till now!) who would have a fear of being too much, worrying about what people would think, dimming my light to not offend anyone. Well, no more! This song is about getting out there and shining our lights and allowing our big bright brilliant beams of radiant light to shine! 

There’s Enough 
I notice if I am feeling overwhelmed that it helps if I affirm that there is always enough time to do everything. I don’t need to stress about it. I found myself saying this so often that eventually it became a chant. Just singing these words has helped me to remember that I just need to breathe and somehow it all gets done! 

I Wish For You 
I wrote this song for the friends of mine who have gone through rites of passage (graduation, leaving home, my friends ordination into the ministry, etc.) and I realized it just comes down to wishing them love on their journey. 

I Am Here 
In all the musical affirmations I have written, I realize that this one statement is how I want to live my life: I am here to give and receive love. 

In The Stillness 
In my busy life, I make it a spiritual practice to stop, breathe and listen to that voice inside. When I make that time, I am able to drop into that place of guidance, peace and wisdom that is always available to me. 

Feel It 
I am a firm believer that when I allow my feelings to just flow through me that I can work through anything faster. It’s when I hold on or try not to feel it, it just gets worse. Here is a fun dance tune that reminds me that emotions are just like clouds in the sky...and they will pass by, if I allow myself to just feel it... 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 
This is a rewrite of one my favorite nursery rhymes that affirms how we are truly loved. 

Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise 
Almost everyday I hike with my hubby John in the hills around my home. Often times when we are huffing and puffing up a hill we both make up little chants to keep us going. This is one that John made up on one of our hikes that we both starting singing. It has helped me in my life AND getting up a huge hills! 

I Look Good 
I read the story of Evy McDonald, who was diagnosed with ALS and given about 6 months to live. Evy wanted to love herself and her body before the end came. She did an exercise of looking in the mirror everyday and finding something good about herself. It took some time but eventually she was able to accept and love herself. The miracle that came from this is that Evy was cured and living a full life today. I decided to write a song that might help all of us who might have the same issues about fully accepting ourselves. So put the song on and stand in front of the mirror and have fun! 

We Are The Ones 
I love the quote “ Be the change that you want to see” .This song is about empowerment of ourselves to know that we do make a difference, we will make a difference in just taking responsibility for whatever change we want to see. 

Three Little Words: 
If you want to get up and dance - this song is for you! 
I based this on a phone series that Mary Manin Morrissey had about the power of words. Everyday she would talk about 3 different words ( I love you, Be here now, I am blessed etc.) and the power that they have to transform any situation. I put them all together, added a few of my own, and this song was born.
Karen Drucker has recorded 11 CDs of her original inspirational music and has won numerous awards for her volunteer work for performing and producing shows for organizations in need. Karen has been called a master of communicating presence and spirituality through music. She has been a professional comedienne, lead her own band for corporate events, and has been the spokesperson for “Bread and Roses” (performing in convalescent hospitals, prisons, children’s hospitals, etc.). She started her own organization, “Artists ForA Cause,” to raise awareness and funds for organizations in need by producing
concerts featuring local entertainers.

She has been the music director for 3 different New Thought churches, music director for the UCRS Regional and National Conferences and co-music director for RSI’s Asilomar conference. For her musical contribution to UCRS, she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate. She sings,speaks and leads workshops at women's retreats,mind-body & health conferences and various churches around the country. She also performs music for ministers, workshop facilitators, and authors including Joan Borysenko, SARK,Alan Cohen, Mary Manin Morrissey and many others. Visit: