To Sleep With the Angels (Book)

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32 pages
Illumination Arts Publishing Co; October 1, 1999
4-8 years
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“Time to fly with your angel.” A little girl hears these words and knows it is time for sleep. As her eyes close, she whispers in the darkness...

Angels, angels, all around
Angels, angels, come surround.
Hold my hand throughout the night
Guide me from the dark to light.

When an angel appears by her bedside, the child marvels at her beautiful wings and imagines all the things she would do if she could fly. This comforting book is a dreamland adventure that features angels from many cultures.

To Sleep with the Angels was a finalist for the Coalition of Visionary Resources award for Best Children's Book.

A beautiful and comforting illustrated story filled with nighttime magic and adventure. In the story, a young girl meets her special angel and is taken on many adventures. Angels of all races are shown, so the book is culturally sensitive. A poetic verse to call down the angels is repeated throughout the book. Inspires imagination and creativity.

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Author:  H. Elizabeth (Holly) Collins-Varni is a native of Minnesota who now lives in San Diego, California. Having earned a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and an M.A. in Human Development, her passions include writing, children and angels.
Illustrator:  A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Judy Kuusisto is a weaver, sculptor, art teacher, as well as being an illustrator. She and her husband live on a lake in Northern Minnesota, where loon calls are heard frequently and wildlife is abundant.