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Alcohol Can Be A Gas! (DVD)

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Product Description

Fueling an Ethanol Revolution for the 21st Century

Are you disgusted each time you fill your tank with gas? Break free with this DVD. This DVD the companion to the acclaimed book, Alcohol Can Be a Gas! by David Blume gives you the power to take back control of energy from oil companies. You will learn:

-- How to make alcohol from a variety of available materials for about 47 cents a gallon!

-- How to convert your gasoline engine to E-85 or 100% alcohol for as little as $50.

-- How to beat oil companies by operating a community-supported energy co-op.

-- How to get 61 cents a gallon federal ethanol tax credits refunded to you as cash.

-- How to use small-scale alcohol production for profit and to reverse global warming.<> -- How the American Petroleum Institute has corrupted the alcohol fuel debate.

-- Don t believe the ethanol myths you ve heard this DVD explodes them all. Learn why alcohol is the perfect fuel.

In this riveting 2-hour 40-minute presentation, David Blume shares prime knowledge from his three decades of alcohol fuel experience. From alcohol s amazing history to its vitally important future, Dave covers a wide range of topics exploding the myths told about alcohol, and giving a primer on how to grow it, produce it, profit from its byproducts, convert vehicles, claim tax credits, and far, far more. This DVD is all you ll need to hand to that nay-saying-know-it-all at your next party to blow their mind.

Filmed in 2004 in Marin County, California; the nation s first driver-owned coop was organized as a result of this talk. Also included is a segment showing all the steps in making alcohol fuel.

Would you be surprised to know:

-- Your gasoline vehicle can already use at least 50% ethanol without modification.

-- Brazil runs 50% of its cars on straight alcohol.

-- Gasoline is toxic waste; ethanol is liquid solar energy.

-- We can reverse global warming by switching to alcohol fuel.

-- Alcohol is 105 octane, as good as the best racing or aviation fuels.

-- Anything you can make from oil, you can make from plants.

-- Alcohol production is a completely sustainable and ecological cycle.

-- Oil companies have a nightmare future planned for us (tar sands, oil shale, coal-to-gas, etc.).

-- John D. Rockefeller funded Prohibition to destroy the alcohol fuel movement.

David Blume started his ecological training young. He and his father Jerry grew almost all the food their family ate, organically on a city lot in San Francisco in the mid-'60s!
Dave taught his first ecology class in 1970. After majoring in Ecological Biology and Biosystematics at San Francisco State University, he worked on experimental projects, first for NASA, and then as a member of the Mother Earth News Eco Village alternative building and alternative energy teams. When the energy crisis of 1978-79 struck, Dave started the American Homegrown Fuel Co., an educational organization that taught upwards of 7000 people how to produce and use low-cost alcohol fuel at home or on the farm.

In 1984, Dave founded Planetary Movers, an award-winning social experiment and commercial venture, well known for productive activism (e.g., on behalf of Nicaragua s Sandinistas), as well as for pioneering practices of progressive employment, green marketing, and the sharing of a percentage of profits for peace and the environment.

In 1994, he started Our Farm. This ­community-supported agriculture (CSA) farm was also a ­teaching farm, based on sustainable practices, that hosted over 200 interns and apprentices from all over the world, and held regular tours for thousands of people. Our Farm grew as much as 100,000 pounds of food per acre, without a ­tractor, using only hand tools, on a terraced, 35-degree slope.

The International Institute for Ecological Agriculture (IIEA), founded by Dave in 1993, is dedicated to healing the planet while providing for the human community with research, education, and the implementation of socially just, ­ecologically sound, resource-conserving forms of agriculture the basis of all sustainable societies. The IIEA teaches permaculture, an ethical system of ecological land design, which incorporates the disciplines of agriculture, hydrology, energy, architecture, economics, social science, animal husbandry, forestry, and others.

Dave and his IIEA associates are establishing a biofuels station in Santa Cruz, California, that will offer alcohol fuel in a driver-owned cooperative, as detailed in this book Alcohol Can Be a Gas!. Dave is currently Executive Director of the IIEA.

He has consulted for a wide array of clients, including governments, farmers, and companies interested in turning waste into valuable and ­profitable products. Recent work includes a feasibility study for a macadamia growers cooperative in Mexico, and a water harvesting/reforestation ­project in Antigua, West Indies. He is working with a farming college connected to the government of Ghana to develop alternative fuels, to train agricultural extension agents in organic farming, and to design an ecological strategy to stop the Sahara Desert from advancing. He also recently inspired the city of Urbana, Illinois, to hold a conference between builders, lenders, developers, municipalities, building inspectors, architects, and engineers, to coordinate the mainstreaming of natural building technologies. He has helped the Ford Motor ­Company demonstrate alcohol-fuel-powered vehicles at a series of U.S. events.

"Farmer Dave" is often called upon to testify before agencies on issues related to the land and democracy. He is a frequent speaker at ecological, sustainability, Peak Oil, and agricultural conferences in the Americas, and has appeared in interviews over 1000 times in print, radio, and television. Dave firmly believes in Emma Goldman s view of, "If I can't dance, I don't want to be in your revolution," and he can frequently be found on the dance floor when he isn't flagrantly inciting democracy.

Other Details

David Blume
June 1, 2008
Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
Run Time:
160 minutes
.35 LBS

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Product Reviews

  1. A Wealth of Information 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th May 2012

    David Blume's dvd is great! I love how comprehensive it is. I do wish that the sections were longer and more coherent (so I could choose which ones to watch) but I understand that this is a workshop and not meant for dvd exclusively. Still it is very helpful and has an outrageous amount of information from a variety of perspectives.

  2. Alcohol can be a Gas 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th May 2012

    This is an excellent product, arrived promptly in excellent condition. Well worth watching for everyone, should be used in schools and presentations. Am so glad I purchased it.

  3. Great transaction 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th May 2012

    I watched this dvd with a couple of family members and have to say it was extremely informative.
    My one big problem with it though was the length, it seemed to go on and on for hours, and while I understood the overall concept, I felt much of the data was too detailed for the average person. I think people with really technical minds would have an easier time taking it all in.
    Having said that, I did learn a lot from this lecture and certainly enough to learn that gasolene is a waste by-product that was foisted upon the American people. Sadly 'we the people' learn little from history or past mistakes and seem to allow ourselves to be lulled into a slumber that keeps us ignorant of so many things. If each one of us would take the time to do some research and seek a solution, we'd be much happier and more in control of our lives.
    Well, David Blume has done exactly that and does a good job of explaining about how gasolene is the end product of the oil refining process and is actually a waste product. He gives us the story about how it came about and the solution to our dilemma.
    I think he could have shortened his lecture quite a bit though because it's very tiring to view it in one sitting. My brain felt taxed trying to take in so much information at once, hence my family members and I had to cut it off mid-way through with a promise to finish watching it later.
    The dvd and book are definitely worth the time it takes however to learn about gasolene consumption and the strangle-hold it has on us today.

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