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Color Intuition: Master the Energy of Color for Higher Awareness, Extraordinary Perception, and Healing (Kit)

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Every person, object, and place has both a physical color and a deep, energetic signature,” teaches Laura Alden Kamm. “The universe exists in vibrations that emanate a wide spectrum of frequencies, each marked with a unique signature of potentiality and embossed with essential information.”

Using your intuitive mind, you can access and decode this profound wisdom to help with everything—from career decisions and relationship challenges, to health concerns and in-depth spiritual matters. “Color intuition” is a vehicle that makes visible life’s secrets, and it’s something that we can all use—once we develop the skill.

Color Intuition provides a comprehensive tool kit—complete with two CDs of guided visualizations and exercises, a detailed 47-page workbook, and 34 healing cards—to help you awaken the consciousness of color to empower your life. Join renowned medical intuitive and author Laura Alden Kamm to learn:

  • Practical exercises that enhance your intuitive abilities and help you glean accurate data from color
  • How to heal yourself and others using color
  • How to discover and define your own personal“energetic color map”—it’s different for every person
  • How to use the included healing cards to train your intuition
  • Guided morning and evening visualizations to help dramatically expand your awareness
  • “Spiritual innocence”—the key to developing a beginner’s eye toward energetic perception,and more

“The sacred vault of color and its treasures await you,” teaches Laura Alden Kamm. Now, with Color Intuition, you have all the tools you’ll need to begin building—and sustaining—this dynamic skill in your life.

Since her near-death experience in 1982 at the age of twenty-six, acclaimed medical intuitive and healer Laura Alden Kamm has assisted tens of thousands internationally though her private practice and training programs. As the founder of the Center for Applied Energy Medicine (www.energymedicine.org), she conducts educational training programs in the fields of energy medicine, structural and medical intuition, healing, spirituality, and the evolution of human consciousness.

Kamm's work emphasizes the necessity of reaching a deeper understanding of the connective tissues of the mind/body/spirit, resulting in the expression of a person's true nature, well-being, and gifts of service. She assists others in charting out their life strategy, transforming their deepest fears and emotional impacts into positive, creative successes.

Her multi-faceted, intuitive skills travel far beyond that of a medical intuitive. Laura shares her expertise in intuitive development, mindfulness-based meditation, and in remote sensing and discernment. Her Inner Edge Program is a corporate training in which she helps develop intuitively-based Think Tanks. Team members demonstrate the ability to gather solutions and spot opportunities in the blink of an eye. The training enhances leadership effectiveness, personal growth, team member health, and personal empowerment.

Laura Kamm is a medical intuitive who sees the mechanical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual components of illness and disease. She has a successful practice based in Arizona. In her new book, Intuitive Wellness, she shares her own experience with readers to teach others how to open up to their intuition and use that guidance to restore balance and health.

Kamm lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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2 CDs (1 hour, 56 minutes), 1 Workbook (47 pages), 34 Cards

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