Ultra Calm: A Six-Step Plan to Reduce Stress and Eliminate Anxiety (Audio Download)

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Sounds True, Inc., February 1, 2010
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Most relaxation techniques focus on either soothing the body or settling the mind—and achieve only limited results. Dr. Mark Hyman’s approach helps you address the mind and body at once to achieve a state he calls “UltraCalm.”

On UltraCalm, this bestselling author presents his simple, powerful method for generating a peaceful and harmonious state in the body-mind—one that allows the body’s natural healing intelligence to work at its most effective level. This new audio learning program from Dr. Hyman features:

  • Guided mind-body techniques to directly address three major health conditions—stress, anxiety, and depression
  • An overview of the science behind mind-body medicine—why this field is now the most important medical frontier
  • Breathing meditations and visualization exercises for feeling calm, confident, and in good spirits
  • On-the-spot techniques for dealing with stressful situations

Course objectives:

  • Describe social and dietary habits that contribute to stress
  • Demonstrate relaxing breathing techniques and yoga poses
  • Create a diet plan that is stress-reducing rather than stress-inducing
  • Prepare an exercise regime that counteracts stress

Dr. Mark Hyman believes that the future of medicine will be based on tapping the power of the mind-body connection. Since cutting-edge practices can sometimes take decades to enter the mainstream, his mission is to provide his listeners with the tools to take charge of their own health today. Join Dr. Hyman on UltraCalm to learn his potent techniques to relax and heal your whole self.

Mark Hyman, M.D., is co-medical director at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires Health Resort in Lenox, Massachusetts. He combines the best of conventional and alternative medicine with a blend of science, integrity, intuition, and compassion. He is the co-author of Ultraprevention: The 6-Week Plan That Will Make You Healthy For Life.