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Keys to My Heart (CD)

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Music for Your Health Series

For Pain Reduction, Strenghtening the Immune System, Energy

This is a piano solo recording of Alan Roubik's original music, which he composed from as early as age eleven. Each song on this CD was tested for very specific therapeutic applications, including sleep aid, relaxation, and stress relief. Laboratory testing indicates that each song contains healing properties that affect several different vital organs in the human body. Also known as "HADO MUSIC SERIES 3" - MUSIC THERAPY for Relaxation, Stress & Anxiety Relief.

"Keys To My Heart" is Alan Roubik's second release, and first solo piano recording, blending his classical music background with pop and ragtime influences. In collaboration with best selling author and research scientist Masaru Emoto, this recording (the first of 5) was produced and tested using state-of-the-art magnetic resonance technology, targeting the immune system and assisting in stress relief.

1.  You Inspire Me 3:22
2.  Keys to My Heart  3:16
3.  Bohemian  3:50
4.  In the Dark  3:49
5.  I Remember  2:52
6.  Tenderness  3:16
7.  Night and Day  3:28
8.  Once More  3:30
9.  Starlight  2:57
10. Angel  3:30 

Alan Roubik was a child protégé, having played his organ keyboard by ear at the age of 3. By 9 years of age, Alan performed his own compositions as well as classical and ragtime music in numerous talent shows, competitions and fundraising events. At the age of 16, Alan sustained severe damage to the Ulnar nerve in his right arm, making it nearly impossible to move his fingers. Not only immobility, but tremendous pain prevented Alan from competing. He could no longer hold a fork or spoon in his right hand. Doctors suggested surgery, but Alan refused. He was determined to continue playing the piano, and he began to focus on creating compositions that suited his limited hand movements. Unbeknownst to Alan, he had been utilizing one form of music therapy that would eventually strengthen his hand and allow him full mobility to perform again. Ironically, Alan would later become most well known for his music therapy recordings. Over a period of nearly ten years! since his accident, Alan had developed enough strength in his right hand to compose and perform more complex music. In fact, by 1992, Alan had plenty of original songs and the courage and confidence to produce his own record, entitled "Promises". The popularity of this recording lead to the production of the music video "Promises", which was an instant hit on such programs as MTV, Star TV Asia and MOR Music. Today, Alan has produced a dozen CD recordings, three music videos, a film score and commercials. He is also recognized worldwide as a "healing music" artist and producer. His first music therapy recording released in Japan in 1996 fetched an unprecedented retail price of $100 per CD. Scientifically tested and endorsed by an independent research laboratory in Tokyo, Alan’s music is said to have the most healing properties of any modern music. He is the only non-Japanese recording artist to be inducted in the National Archives of Japan for his healing music. Today, Alan's music is used and recommended by doctors, professional athletes and trainers, health and fitness instructors, celebrities, and even royalty.

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Roubik Records; January 1, 1997
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