Pranic Crystal Healing (Book)

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165 pages
Institute for Inner Studies; April 4, 2010
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Master Choa reveals the secrets of ancient master!

Rediscover the wonderful practical uses of crystals in pranic healing. Make them work for your wellbeing. Learn how to apply pranic healing principles and techniques utilizing the natural power of crystals. The author uncovers a wealth of information on the following:

  • Properties of crystals
  • Cleansing, charging and programming crystals
  • Increasing your healing power with the use of crystals
  • When not to wear crystals
  • Different techniques of using crystals to relieve and treat headaches, fever, menstrual discomfort, arthritis, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, and more
  • Using crystals for color pranic healing
  • Color crystals
  • Laying on of crystals
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Initially trained as a chemical engineer, now students often refer Master Choa as a "scientist of the soul." This scientific orientation enabled him to carefully systematize the techniques of pranic healing and arhatic yoga.

Through extensive research, Master Choa developed a discipline called "technology of the Soul." The implications of this are profound, powerful, far-reaching and exciting for mankind. A portion of this material, was originally presented in Meditations for Soul Realization, and more is given in this book, Universal and Kabbalistic Meditation on the Lord's Prayer. Even more advanced teachings are transmitted to senior disciples and advanced students during special intensive workshops.

The dynamic style of Master Choa Kok Sui's teaching is equally reflected in the direct, uncluttered style of his writing. While it may not be possible for everyone to experience Master Choa's wisdom and energy by personally attending his workshops, by reading his books, a reader may have greater understanding of the Master's unique technology for rapidly achieving a higher degree of Oneness with their Soul, may discover many esoteric "secrets," and learn practical techniques for living life more fully with less stress and with greater productivity. Master Choa Kok Sui believes that we inhabitants of Planet Earth are ready for a major shift in consciousness. We are fortunate to anticipate through Master's incredible generosity of spirit, he will share with us more of his amazing knowledge and his boundless understanding of an immense variety of new subjects.