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Christ Returns: Reveals Startling Truth (Book)

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This is the second edition of a groundbreaking spiritual book which originally appeared under the title Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth.

In this astonishing book of letters dictated by the Christ Consciousness in the year 2000, Christ refutes religious dogma and explains in lucid and concrete terms the spiritual and scientific Truth of Existence, and how to connect through daily meditation with Divine Consciousness and overcome the dominance of the ego.

The style of writing is accessible to all and gripping. From lay person to spiritual master, the reactions have been strong, and the resulting personal transformations have been widespread and profound. Many have remarked the unusually high vibratory rate of this work.

Excerpts from the Letters:

Because people are on the threshold of a world crisis of enormous proportions, it is vital for survival that I, the Christ, should reach all who will listen. You know little of the true processes of creation in which you, yourselves, play a major role. It is imperative you should understand them sufficiently to enable you to embark on the implementation of a higher vision for all humanity. The New Testament, as it stands, with all its baggage of misinterpretation is a deterrent to spiritual evolution. It is now time to move forward into a new realm of mystical perception and understanding. Since it is impossible for me to descend into human body again to speak to the world, and I have other dimensions to whom I minister, I have trained a sensitive soul to receive and transcribe. It is the nearest I can do to talking to you personally. I hope you will be able to receive and accept this.

Click here to listen to a message from the Christ Returns book.

Note to the reader from Recorder:
There has been division in opinion regarding the sometimes strange formatting of the Letters (text). I would like to explain that as Christ impressed my mind with words or pictures, which made it necessary for me to build up what I saw in words, I also felt the emotions (to a certain degree) that Christ felt when going through the events he is describing at this time. By dropping back into the vibrations of that time, Christ entered into those times, and relayed them through my mind. There was no way that the Letters could have been written in plain print or just using italics. So often, when a new wonderful insight was put through my mind, I wondered "How can I get this across?" You will know what I mean as you read the Letters.

And so, to show what some powerful statement had come from Christ's mind into mine, I used italics, dark print and capitals.

Over 40 years, Christ purified and de-programmed the mind of an English woman who had been educated in a French Catholic convent. In the year 2000 at the age of 80, she began to transcribe under Christ's direction, the teaching she received throughout her years of contact with him. She was told to remain anonymous, and to refer to herself as Recorder. She was told that the Letters should be swiftly publicized and distributed to people seeking Truth. She created a website and self-published her book, but no publicity was done. By word of mouth, the Letters gained recognition, and have been translated into 6 languages. They have found a wide audience particularly in Spain and in May 2009, the book was first published in France by the publisher Interkeltia

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424 Pages
New Epoch; Second Edition edition; April 26, 2010
1.10 LBS

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  1. Beautiful - Amazing - Reading again... and again ~ ... and again 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Mar 2012

    I have this book in it's original format "Christ Returns and Speaks His Truth" from 2008.

    It is a little disappointing in some ways that this book is not a best seller in the spiritual communities at this point ~ the teachings are powerful, beautiful and bring more peace and awareness into our lives and our world.

    At some point, I have no doubt this will be read by millions and millions of people ~ it takes proof in the pudding, I guess, for the 'masses' to get interested in Purity of Truth that is found in this book. Which means people who have read the teachings and embody them to such a high degree that the true nature and power of these teachings becomes evident to all.

    These teachings take us beyond the hardened mindsets that have contributed to the creation of all suffering on our planet and brings us into a whole new way of Being. Helping us connect with our Divine source for all of our needs, as Jesus continually asked us to do (if the Father can take care of the birds and animals perfectly, can this consciousness not take care of all of our needs? What is the point of anxiety etc. ?) Surrender to the Truth of existence and Peace that passes understanding and abundance is our new Reality.

    That being said, this book is not an instant fix, these teachings are meant to be a companion that helps us climb higher and higher in consciousness.

    I consider myself to be very well read in spiritual books, philosophy and holy texts from many spiritual and religious traditions, and I don't feel there are many or possibly any teachings I have read that could be considered 'higher' in consciousness than the teachings found in this book that help take us well beyond our mental constructs and help us uncover the Truth that Sets us Free, which is so much more than our mental beliefs.

    You can read these letters for free here: [...] I did that first myself, but I definitely enjoy having them in book format and find them easier to read that way.

    If you hear the call within, even a little ~ this may be an investment of your reading and meditating time that can return you Life dividends in more ways than perhaps virtually any other book can.

  2. The be ALL and end ALL 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Mar 2012

    Whenever I give a copy of this book to anyone, I always "break it to them" the same way. I hope it may help you too.
    Everyone's on a different path. I know, you didn't need Dr. Phil to figure that out. But I say this because, it seems to me, the 'way' illumined by these Letters is pretty specific... even 'narrow' might be an accurate characterization. So in order to allow the busy humans I consider THINKING friends and family to get an early grip on the whywhatwhenwherehow that Christ takes 'us' on through these communications, I've made this suggestion to each person I've mentioned them to.

    Simply start with the Foreword, Introduction, and then Letter 9.

    Then you will KNOW if this book is for you. Probably take you... 45 minutes, tops. The Foreword and Introduction will orient you as to what corner of the clear blue all this emanated from, and Letter 9 is a nice, sort-of, overview of the message, without getting into the HEAVY stuff packed into Letters 5-7 or the mental exercises of Letter 8.
    After completing Letter 9, and deciding to continue, simply go back to the start at Letter 1, and prepare to have your life changed in a way that, if you're like me, you could NEVER have even imagined previously.
    I wish for you to receive perfect Love.

  3. These Letters are unique 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Mar 2012

    I was introduced to the Christ Letters in 2006. These Letters have profoundly and irrevocably altered the course of my life. All that I am today I owe to these Letters in allowing me to get to a higher level of understanding about the true nature of our existence then I could have ever come to understand on my own. I have anxiously waited for the dawning of a new era where teachings like what are found in these Letters will get out to the masses in greater numbers to wake people up. I am excited for the new edition and hope that more people will find these Letters and actually infuse them into their lives. For the Christ Letters were never meant to be read like a book. The Christ Letters are meant to be pondered and meditated upon and then applied and infused into your life. The Letters are radical. They defy all the religious and scientific dogma that is out there. There isn't much on the internet that even discusses these Letters, except bits and pieces here and there on a few websites. Most who do comment brush these Letters off as 'regurgitated new age crap'. Not so. These Letters are unique. I will forever be grateful to having been given the opportunity to find these Letters at a time in my life when I knew 'there just had to be more'. And boy oh boy did I find the mother lode! I AM forever changed.

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