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Art Through the Eyes of the Soul (Book)


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“Clearly, Cheryl Rose lives in the unobstructed universe where the categories of time are strained by the tensions of eternity and where myth and magic, metaphor and metaphysics dwell together in a Peaceable Kingdom.
Her visionary art is a luminous portrayal of that which never was but is always happening. Things of nature, sacred sites and even people’s faces become transparent to transcendence under her artful brush. Her accompanying words evoke the mysteries which dwell beneath the surface crust of everyday consciousness, yielding a poetic science of deep seeing. And what she sees is the multidimensional world where numinous borderline persons reveal the symbols and the stories of those who would enter a reality larger than our expectation and more complex than all our dreams. She travels both inward and outward worlds, a pilgrim of possibilities known in both once and future times. Whether she evokes a mythic Irish hero or consorts with faeries in a ritual landscape, reveals the secrets of Shasta, or gives spirit to hidden valleys, Cheryl Rose restores the mythic fabric that had been torn in modern materialism. Ancient knowings, tales of wonder emerge on her canvas to speak to our time in evocative new ways. Thus, her emphasis on neo-mythic art. In this she is prescient of the deepest happenings of our era. For all over the planet, what had been hidden in the collective psyche is now emerging, more festive and feisty than ever. The questing journeys of millions of seekers in the current spiritual renaissance are sourced in this collective rising.
Saint Francis once said that “what we are looking for is Who is looking.” Perhaps, it is our innermost psyche, the nature that lies within, the inner mirror of Great Nature which has pushed the universe at large along on its evolutionary journey that is the "Who" calling us to be more than we ever thought we could be. And Nature Herself, wounded, disconsolate, in grave danger everywhere calls for Her bards and artists, those who have the means and skills to tell Her truth and Her trauma, Her needs for Her healing.
Cheryl Rose is one of these. Myth teller, symbol carrier, Earth agent, and keeper of the Dream, she gives us of her visionary genius in this extraordinary book of revelations. For herein, eyes are unsealed, ears unstopped, hearts are opened and we join our birthright as mythic beings who must work together to make the difference lest we lose our precious planet.
These are the times, and we are the people.”

— Jean Houston

“The painting is beautiful and powerful.” — Gary Zukav

“ This beautiful image conveys, for me, compassion.” — Gregg Braden

“ I am completely stunned at the artistry involved.” — Neale Donald Walsch

“ Your Magdalene...what an amazing 'presence' emanates from her!” — Margaret Starbird

“ Thank you for your beautiful talent in artistically portraying the Divine feminine spirit!”
—Doreen Virtue

"I vividly remember at age five convincing my kindergarten teacher to allow me to paint at the easels with the boys instead of playing in the playhouse with the girls. This moment was a conscious realization that my passion in this life was to be an artist. When I was eight years old, my father gifted me with his old wooden oil painting box. I recall the first time I opened this treasure chest and smelled the linseed oil and resins. Ancient memories awakened by these aromas have taken me on a lifelong odyssey. I would not wait to begin..

In this book I present the alchemy of art based on the conceptual premise of how life is created in nature. The empowered image from the fusion of Spirit and Matter is conceived on the canvas. There is a point in the painting where it takes its first breath and begins to live a life of its own. I explain why I feel this is so, and what factors are involved with techniques you can use yourself. By creating empowered and positive images, the outer world will change to reflect these values.

I hope some of the paintings and stories herein will open pathways for wonderful journeys of your own. Thank you and bon voyage."
—Cheryl Yambrach Rose-Hall

Cheryl Yambrach Rose-Hall is a portrait painter, visionary artist and researcher. Using historical data along with her psychic impressions she creates empowered works of art based on sacred sites and their mythology
Excelling in spiritual portraiture, Cheryl is collected by many discerning luminaries, including Gary Zukav, Neale Donald Walsch and Jean Houston. Her artwork has shown world-wide, including the Nelson Rockefeller Collection, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and the Palace of Fine Arts in SHer work has been extensively published in a wide variety of forms, books, articles, magazines, CDs, Doreen Virtue's oracle decks, and has been featured on the Wisdom and Travel Channels.
In Prague, she is co-founder with her husband, of Daghda Vision s.r.o., a company dedicated to global cultural exchange, art, film and publishing.
She divides her time between studios in Mount Shasta, CA, Ireland, and Prague, Having returned to her European roots, she is excited by the reawakening of ancestral resonances, which she weaves through her fine oil compositions.
Visit Cheryl's website at: http://cherylrose.com/

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Paperback (Oversize):
128 pages
Rosehall LLC; May 1, 2010
1.4 LBS

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Product Reviews

  1. art of the old faery dream castles 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jul 2017

    The clearest guide to ideals of expectations and transformation from the feminine point of view. Almost wish to be in the past, although remembering to bravely give a look to a hope filled future in modern times. Thank you very much for sharing these wonderful prints and travel adventures.

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