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Anastasia (The Ringing Cedars Series; Book 1)

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"Anastasia", the first book of the Ringing Cedars Series, tells the story of entrepreneur Vladimir Megre's trade trip to the Siberian taiga in 1995, where he witnessed incredible spiritual phenomena connected with sacred 'ringing cedar' trees. He spent three days with a woman named Anastasia who shared with him her unique outlook on subjects as diverse as gardening, child-rearing, healing, Nature, sexuality, religion and more. This wilderness experience transformed Vladimir so deeply that he abandoned his commercial plans and, penniless, went to Moscow to fulfil Anastasia's request and write a book about the spiritual insights she so generously shared with him. True to her promise this life-changing book, once written, has become an international best-seller and has touched hearts of millions of people world-wide.

Vladimir Megr‚, born in 1950, was a well-known entrepreneur from a Siberian city of Novosibirsk. In 1994, during a stop on a trading trip along the mighty Ob River, a Siberian elder told Vladimir Megr‚ about the existence of "ringing cedars"?sacred trees which can heal bodily diseases and elevate the human spirit. The elder told him of such a cedar growing in the Siberian backwoods. Intrigued, but committed to his present venture, Vladimir Megr‚ later began to delve into literature on Siberian cedar trees and became one of the first Russian businessmen to rediscover the tremendous folk medicinal, nutritional and commercial value of virgin oil pressed from Siberian cedar nuts. It seemed that knowledge of the secret techniques of pressing the oil had been lost.

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264 Pages
Ringing Cedars Press; 2nd edition June 15, 2008
.70 LBS

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