Let Go of the Shore (Book w/CD)

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DeVorss & Company; February 15, 2010
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Stories and Songs that Set the Spirit Free

Forward by Joan Borysenko, PhD.

Struggling musician, wedding singer, musical comedienne, garage organizer, lemonade-stand entrepreneur, competitive swimmer-- Karen Drucker has done all of these things and more, in her indomitable urge to grow and evolve.

Often funny, always honest and real, the stories she shares in Let Go of the Shore reveal how she leaves behind fears and limits to emerge as a writer, workshop leader, recording artist, and speaker--a free spirit who lives life to the fullest and inspires us to do so as well.

"This is my path. It is a constant process of surrendering to what is, what is next, who I am, what is emerging, what needs to be released. It s about letting go of the safety of the shore and what I have known, while floating into the mystery that is this amazing life."

In thirty-six stories and songs based on her life experiences from swimming the English Channel to showing off her best Tarzan call on national TV, Karen Drucker helps us to step boldly into the beckoning waters of our own freedom and growth.

The included CD is a compilation of Karen's music.

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Karen Drucker has recorded thirteen CDs (two pop/blues and eleven inspirational) and travels around the country performing and speaking at conferences, retreats, churches, giving concerts, workshops, and organizing her own spiritual retreats. She has been blessed to work with such inspirational authors as Joan Borysenko, Mary Manin Morrissey, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Alan Cohen, and SARK, and has received an honorary doctorate from the United Centers for Spiritual Living. Karen resides with her husband and two adorable cats in Northern California.  Visit:  www.karendrucker.com

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    Posted by Carol on 6th Aug 2012

    I truly enjoyed reading about Karen's life and her uplifting message.

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    Let Go of the Shore

    Posted by Beth DeLashmutt-Poore on 8th Apr 2012

    What an enjoyable and enlightening adventure reading Karen Drucker's book, Let Go of the Shore. She has brought together thirty-six vignettes telling of her expansive, colorful life, and its evolution in becoming the accomplished song writer and performer she is today. Alongside each personal story are lyrics inspired by her experiences, and those same songs are found on a companion CD tucked in the cover. For example, as a teenager, she initiated the movement that saved the landmark Hollywood hills sign from being torn down. It is this kind of personal choice for action she eloquently alludes to in the story's accompanying song, We Are The Ones. Each story and its accompanying song contain a valuable lesson Karen learned, something we can all appreciate. Her tenacity, and listening to her own heart, kept Karen moving forward as a musician. The variety of opportunities she felt "called" to accept ranged from being an entertainer in a smoke-filled hotel piano bar to an exceptional wedding singer to a Hawaiian cruise ship lounge act backed by a seven-piece band. When least expected, Karen was invited to coordinate music at a women's retreat conducted by Joan Borysenko. New doors opened and she became a musical director at a New Thought church. Sharing her own songs with the public began and her musical career continued to expand, as well as her awareness of her purpose in life and the need to trust and have faith in following one's inner voice. In Permission to Play Karen learns about the joy found in being in the moment. While swimming in a race under the Golden Gate Bridge, when a buddy stopped and invited her to splash in the water, she realized she needed to stop looking ahead and enjoy each moment. She played as if she were there for the first — and possibly last — time of her life. That is Karen's intention — to enjoy life to the fullest — one moment at a time. This book is a testimony to her passion for living.

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    Let Go of the Shore with Karen Drucker

    Posted by Dwayne E. Conner on 13th Mar 2012

    With thirteen CDs to her credit I think of Karen Drucker as the Song-ffirmation Queen of New Thought. What could possibly be better than Karen's enriching music? Her new book, Let Go of the Shore - Stories and Songs that Set the Spirit Free. Karen writes with humor, heartfelt delivery and sincerity about the hardest spiritual lesson of all; letting go. Lucky for us, her life lessons serve as tender teachings for everyone. Karen's warm invitation to walk with her through her life's vulnerabilities as a struggling musician, wedding singer, musical comedienne and garage organizer is both laugh out loud funny and soul provoking. Whether she's belting a Tarzan yell with Carol Burnett, swimming the English Channel or headlining a concert, Karen hasn't allowed life's hard knock's to break her - instead she sees hard knocks as blessings. Like a true alchemist she's created another product that generates healing for world audiences. Karen says, "This is my path. It is a constant process of surrendering to what is, what is next, who I am, what is emerging, what needs to be released. It's about letting go of the safety of the shore and what I have known, while floating into the mystery that is this amazing life." Reading this book is like sitting in the sunshine with a good friend that truly sees you, and hears you. Karen's words create a heart space, a space where love reminds us we can create anything we want if we'll just trust the Universe enough to Let Go of the Shore and Set Our Spirit Free.

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    What a Joy and a Delight!

    Posted by Joanne Lefferts, Corte Madera, CA on 13th Mar 2012

    I had the pleasure of attending a Karen Drucker concert at a local venue recently and was so moved by a story that she shared from her book Let Go of the Shore, that I knew I had to buy the book. The story--about a brief encounter with a painfully shy young teenager named Kelsey--reminds us of the power of a simple loving act to change a life forever. I started to browse through the book when I returned home from the concert, however I found that I couldn't put it down and ended up reading until the wee hours of the morning, when my eyes just wouldn't stay open any longer. Pure love radiates from every page of this book. With humility, deep insight, and humor Karen shares life experiences that are sure to inspire, uplift, and move you deeply. I was filled with joy and delight as I read every page. The first chapter, "I Can Do It" recounts a life-defining moment in Karen's life. This is one of my favorite stories in the book. Karen was a shy young teenager herself, growing up in Hollywood--a self-described "geek with acne and braces" (hard to picture, seeing her now!). Although she longed to be one of the "pretty girls" she did find a way to gain acceptance by the "in crowd", by sharing her unique sense of humor, by making people laugh. In junior high school she found someone she could admire, "someone who gave her faith and hope,"--Carol Burnett. Karen would attend tapings of the Carol Burnett Show every Friday afternoon at CBS Television Studios, sitting in the same front row seat every week. One day she found herself (much to her own surprise) raising her hand during Carol's customary question and answer period with the audience. She found the words coming out of her mouth: "Um...I would like to challenge you to a Tarzan Calling Contest." Well, Carol invited Karen up onto the stage. Standing beside her idol, Karen suddenly noticed a gang of the "cool girls" from her school sitting in the sixth row. Karen recalls that she felt herself start to close down and shrink back. "But here I am. A decision has to be made in a split second: close down and stay safe, or risk it all and go for it. Something deep inside of me says 'Yes!' I choose to go for it." She let out her best Tarzan call and was in heaven. "I sat down in my seat," she says, and knew that I had just crossed over a threshold that would forever change the way I saw myself. I had made the choice to 'go for it,' to risk, to grow, to step out of my comfort zone." Karen is my inspiration; she speaks for all of us who have been challenged in finding our voice. If she can do it, maybe, just maybe, I can too. Reading Karen's book and listening (and singing along) to her music, I am inspired to let my light shine more brightly. Joan Borysenko expresses it beautifully in the Foreword: "Heal, comfort, inspire, evoke, and guide us to our own inner strength and wisdom. This is what Karen does. She is an authentic spiritual teacher although she's far too humble to call herself that. The gift she gives is uncontrived. It is her own best self, which shines." There is a version of the book that includes a CD with 14 of Karen's songs. I listen to this CD almost every day in my car, singing along with her powerful and inspirational songs. I think this is one of those books that I will be buying for all my friends who are on a spiritual journey. It is such a wonderful gift to the world.

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    Let Go of the Shore...and let the water carry you!

    Posted by Ann Pogue (IL) on 13th Mar 2012

    Karen Drucker has led a remarkable life! From her days of growing up in Hollywood, to swimming the English Channel, to singing at weddings and now becoming one of the most beloved award-winning singer/songwriters in the POSI(tive) Music genre, Karen has lived her life from a place of deep heart and love for all...and a hearty dose of good humor as well. Karen's heart is her guide and that is evident in her most recent endeavor, her book, "Let Go of the Shore. Karen's first book is written in such a personal way that it feels as if the reader is sitting down with Karen and conversing over a cup of coffee. The fact that Karen was so open-hearted and willing to share her life experiences with the reader in this way is a gift; but of course, the real and true gift is the beautiful person Karen is today and the lives & hearts she touches just by being authentically and genuinely herself. "Let Go of the Shore" is a book that has been released with or without a CD of Karen's positive, encouraging, "feel good" music. Whether or not the reader is familiar with Karen's music, I highly recommend the Book & CD combination. Each chapter is named for a song on the CD (which is included in the Book & CD combo) and ends with the printed lyrics to the chapter title/song. Some of the stories in the book are the inspiration behind the songs themselves. Some just seem to fit the song to a tee. Named after a song on Karen's latest CD, Songs of the Spirit 4, "Let Go of the Shore" is an appropriate title for a book about her life. Karen has humbly said yes, taken numerous leaps of faith, and jumped in head-first, letting go of the shore when many of us would've been hanging on for dear life! Karen is co-creating a life that touches those she meets as she travels down life's highway. "Let Go of the Shore" is a touching memoir of a life lived to the fullest, while continually surrendering to this very moment and allowing the water's current to carry her into the great unknown! In so doing, Karen has inspired many others to do the same. In Karen's stories, she gives the reader little nuggets of goodness to take away from reading her book. Now adding author to her extensive resumé, I can hardly wait to see what comes next in the life and career of The Divine Ms. Red, Karen Drucker! You can be sure of one thing, though...Karen will continue to grow and evolve as she bravely rides the wave on to her next adventure. Is the water beckoning you to set your Spirit free or are you on the sidelines holding onto the shore for dear life? LET GO OF THE SHORE AND LET THE WATER CARRY YOU!

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    Karen Drucker and Let Go of the Shore

    Posted by Alan Cohen, author on 13th Mar 2012

    For years I have loved Karen Drucker's music, spirit, heart, talent, humor, wisdom, authenticity, and service. Now I love her book. In Let Go of the Shore, Karen will touch you with her stories, tickle you with her humor, move you with her wisdom, and make you feel like she's your best friend next door. How lucky can you get?