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Denise Linn Custom Drums


Product Description

Note: All Drums from this batch are sold. I will create a wait list for people who don't get a drum this time around. When your on the list, you will get notification of what is available before the drums go on sale to the public.To be placed on my waitlist, please email me at jerryminer730@gmail.com  

Please Note. We don't get these custom drums often. I have to limit each person to one drum. These will sell out quickly and their is a chance that two people may choose the same drum. The first order placed for a drum will get that drum.Please note: If you make your purchase via pay pal, their is a good chance your drum selection may not be recorded in a timely fashion meaning your drum may go elsewhere. Pay pal doesn't notify us of payment right away. When placing an order for a drum, I suggest listing in the notes section of your order a second choice for a drum, in case your first choice was already sold.  

   The fixed shipping cost of $30.00 per drum only applies to drums shipped in the US. Canada shipping cost is $40, and International shipping cost is $60. Canada & International orders will be asked to send the additional funds after the initial purchase is made though the site.


These are one-of-a-kind limited edition sacred drums.  Each has it's own personality and use, and has been blessed in a ceremony in Denise's Labyrinth at Summerhill.

With this  collection Denise has included:

  • Custom Drum and Drum Stick
  • Booklet on care, use, history, and connection to your drum
  • And, a copy of her best-selling book, Sacred Space: Clearning and Enhancing the Energy of Your Home 

The individual description below were written by Denise Linn.


Custom Drum Choices:

 Angel Star Sold

When I look into the soul of this drum, I see a wonderful scene. It is
a warm night on the shore of a tropical sea. I can hear the soft sound
of the waves, and can smell the fragrant scent of white flowers. As I
look to the stars overhead, I see glowing white lights slowly and
majestically floating from the heavens to the sea.  It feels holy and
awe-inspiring. I intuitively know that these lights are blessings of
the angels from beyond the stars. Every place they touch the water,
light and radiance shimmers in all directions.

This image gives me a sense of the special energy that this drum
possesses. This drum can call infinite love and wisdom into any space
and into any heart. It can call angels for blessings and protections.
It also is an expansive drum and anything that you desire to expand in
your life will gain momentum with this drum.  It will life your soul
to the stars and beyond!

 Dragon Wind  SOLD

When I look into the soul of this drum, my heart opens with wonder and
a sense of freedom.   I see a majestic powerful dragon flying high
through the clouds and using the currents of the wind to soar higher
and higher. His scales shimmer in the light and have a luminous
radiance that can be seen from afar. There is an ancient nobility and
grace in his flight.  But most of all I feel his immense power and
strength, his unfathomable wisdom and a sense of wild freedom.

Dragon Wind will allow your spirit to soar.  He will activate inner
knowledge and intuition with you. He will carry you to the greatest
heights and, more and more, you will be filled with strength, power
and most of all your spirit will fly free.

Additionally, if you are looking for adventure, Dragon Wind can call
it into your life.

 Moon Cloud Sold

When I look into the soul of this drum, I see a full harvest moon.
Soft wispy clouds are floats across its luminous surface.  The entire
world seems illuminated by the golden glow of the moon. I feel such a
deep peace as I view this scene.

This image leads me to believe that this remarkable drum carries the
radiant energy of the moon and honors the realm of dreams and mystical
dimensions. It is also a drum that can help activate inspiration and
it allows anyone who listens to it to rise to new heights. It also
will activate your connection to the celestial realms and help your
spirit to soar. With Moon Cloud you can reach deep into the crevices
of the soul and fly to the heavens as you expand your inner horizons…
simply by listening to its heavenly beat. It’s also a great drum for
dancing lightly and activating joy and peace. It’s especially powerful
to drum lightly before sleep and Moon Cloud can help open the gateways
of your dreams. Enjoy the journey with this heartfelt drum.

 Wind Song Sold

When I look into the soul of this drum, I see clouds floating in a
heavenly wind. Birds are spiraling on the currents of this wind. The
world feels free and full of possibilities.
This image gives me the understanding that this remarkable drum has a
celestial and heavenly energy. It’s an amazing drum for sending your
prayers out into the world and for receiving prayers from the Creator.
It can help invite angelic beings into your life. It is also a
splendid drum for deepening inner peace and bringing a soft healing,
balancing energy to all who hear its tone. Wind Song will also help
you (and anyone who hears its sweet sound) let go and enter into the
great flow of life, in the same way that a leaf can swirl with the
wind.  No matter what is occurring simply listening to this beat will
reconnect the listener with Spirit and allow you to enter the flow of
the Universe.

Snow Wolf  Sold
When I look into the soul of this drum I see wolves on a snow-covered
plateau. One begins its song and the others join the song of
celebration and joy. There is a strong sense of community and warmth.
The snow signifies a serenity, clarity, clearness and vast openness as
the energy and majesty of the wolf spirit brings community and
support. Snow Wolf can active serenity, clarity, passion, and
incredible freedom . . . and yet at the same time help generate
community. This drum will bring people together.  Additionally it can
help bring fragmented parts of one’s self home to bring wholeness and
healing.  It is a powerful, grounding, healing drum and will allow
your spirit to soar. In meditation sink deep into its depths and you
will hear the wolves howl at the moon as the snow-covered land absorbs
the songs to release into the land during the thaw of spring.

 Healing Water  Sold

When I look into the soul of this drum, I see a natural hot spring in
a high mountain meadow.  A sparkling snow-fed river flows just feet
away.  High grasses surround the hot spring, as steam spirals above
the surface.  For the native people of the area, this spring is holy.
Simply immersing themselves in the warm waters and then plunging into
the crystal clear snow-fed water of the river heals the body and heals
the soul, in a relaxed and gentle way.

This image gives me the understanding that this is truly a powerful
healing drum. Healing Water also carries the energy of joy and
laughter.  It brings a gentle warmth, kindness and spaciousness into
every environment in which it is played.  It will open your heart to a
joyous, relaxed embracing of life.  It also has a beneficial healing
effect on everyone who hears it. You don’t need to struggle to move
ahead in life and this drum gently carries you on the pathway into
your future with soft contentment, with balance in all areas. It can
heal every aspect of life and yearns to do so.

Desert Dancer Sold

I love this drum. When I look into its soul, I see the vast expanse of
the desert on a crescent moon night. The moon hangs low on the
horizon, like a silvery hammock of light, as the first stars are
coming out. Stillness fills the heavens, as the warmth of the night
fills the heart. In the distance I can hear the sounds of drums and
can smell a campfire. Approaching the flickering fire, I see people of
all ages dancing with ecstasy and joy to the sound of the drum.

 This image gives me the understanding that this drum, Desert Dancer,
has the ability to absolutely sooth the creases in life. It is healing
and holy. Its energy is so very radiant that even when you aren’t
playing it, the glowing energy that it possesses will still radiate
into your space and into your heart. The deeper message inside of this
drum is that all is well. Whether it’s used for physical, emotional or
spiritual healing, this drum will ease and comfort you in profound
ways. It is also an excellent drum to use in gathering of people to
activate joy!

Silver Comet Sold

When I look into the soul of this drum, I see an amazing sight of a
silvery comet illuminating the night sky. Under this illustrious sign,
there is the knowing that peace will pervade across the land. It also
is a harbinger of majesty and grace to unfold in the hearts of many.
It speaks of a time of new beginnings and a time when all that is not
needed drops away, as a new awareness blossoms. This drum has the
power to allow blockages in life to drop away, so that a rising sense
of self and a new destiny expands even into the heavens. This is an
excellent drum to use to manifest your dreams and to empower the
dreams of others.


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